Search Engine Optimization

Your websites Search Engine Optimization is just as important as your websites design, while your design and layout is aimed at giving your customers the best possible presentation your SEO will be the main driving factor in bringing potential customers to your website.

Each search engine has its own algorithm (set of rules) that determines how it ranks web pages within its index. While they are all different in scope the main principles of ranking factors are the same. Keeping within these guidelines will give you the best possible chance of a high ranking.

Some of the most common factors are: Good Coding, Well written content, Relevance to your keywords (search terms you wish to rank for), Good Linking Structure, Easily accessible pages.

Link Building

In addition to Search Engine Optimization, you also need to consider your link popularity. How other websites link to your website is a crucial factor in your positioning within search engines. While on-site SEO is the first step, it is not always enough when there is competition in your marketplace.

Having a good link building campaign in place will not only get you the results you want, it will also keep your website ahead of the competition increasing your website visits which gives you more opportunity to sell your products or services.

Knowing how to create a backlink and knowing how search engine interpret those backlinks are two completely different things, many companies will talk the talk but not so many can actually walk the walk. Having studied search engines closely for the last 4 years, our SEO Specialist is able to to source and create high quality backlinks for your content which in turn gives your website more exposure in search engines by way of rankings high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's).